No. 1

For once I actually have something to say about what I am making. For years I knew I loved art and I always had fun making, but for some reason something is different. I have a sense of urgency. I want what I am trying to say visually to be heard.  All I really can think about is making. I love it. I just don’t want to let down. To many times I have started something and never finished…..

My current work seems so different from what I have made in the past, but that is not technically true. It is so interesting to look back at past work and see how everything is all connected. All of my work has been leading me to this point.  It fascinates me how everyone has their own style. Sometimes what you create you just can’t get away from. Themes or whatever youcall them tend to stick to you and follow you. I have learned so much about myself with in this past month. But, what I think I found is that I can’t be afraid to fail. Making something that is important and meaningful is what it is about.